jacques du toit photography architecture photograph of the lighthouse in umhlanga

Architecture Photography:

Showing the art of the building.

It is just as important to capture the realism of the building as it is to capture the art of the architect, showing the time they put into designing a building, from the outside to the inside of the building.

editorial portrait photograph of ruzanne

Editorial Portrait Photography:

Telling a story with Editorial Photography.

Photos are more than just an image, they are means to capture emotions, colours, stories and so much more in still images. Having a set idea and making images work together throughout the day helps to keep a story consistent as well as allowing for differences to be added that do not change the direction of the story. Editorial photos are also a great way to capture a day in the life of… for example, photos of your high school child in their final year, or in their sport uniform or what ever they may have as an extra mural activity. Capturing them in their uniform while they are busy enjoying themselves is a great keepsake to have.


jacques du toit photography fine art photograph with digital painting of jackie brown

Fine Art Photography:

The essence of art.

With Fine Art Photography, one gets to capture and display what you love in a way that makes you feel excited to see it. This is an amazing way to also have a keepsake of a certain time period in your life or even of a pet. As well as having an amazing print of an item or anything that would make you feel at home, at peace or go through an emotional ride. The limitation is up to your imagination and this is a great way to broaden it.








headshot photograph of steven gemperle of gsa models

Headshot Photography:

The Headshot is the new handshake.

With the connection of the internet and how businesses are searched, the headshot is the new first point of contact for potential clients. This means that one needs to take care in having an image that not only represents you, but represents your personality, approach-ability or even your company. This is why it is vital to have a professional headshot taken so that you can stand out from your competitors.

jacques du toit photography real estate photography kitchen 12

Real Estate and Interior Photography:

Your premises should feel welcoming.

It is important to have photos that help convey the mood of the interior, from real estate, to hotels, from tiling companies for floors and walls to kitchen cabinet makers. Interior photography needs to help promote an atmosphere, an attitude, a mood and even a story. Sell your products online before people view them physically by giving your clients what they need, visual impact.

about me backdrop

Photography Training:

Training from beginner to advanced.

Whether you are an amateur, enthusiast or someone looking to just improve. I offer hands on training one on one sessions. This helps you to improve your images and also have guidance with your photography journey. I have found that a hands on approach has been better suited for those I have helped over giving notes and also one on one sessions helps with attention when it is needed.