Portrait Retouching

Before and After Portrait Samples:

Retouching is the process of taking an image from the camera and improving upon it. These are some sample retouch differences that show some of the work that can go into basic retouching. It isn’t about making things look unrealistic or unobtainable in most cases, it is just about improving and making an image more pleasing to the eye and in the odd cases, fixing things missed while shooting.

I have been using different editing programs over the years and have been using Photoshop since 2012. This has been an amazing journey along the way, always learning new techniques and seeing in how many different ways the same outcome can be achieved. Retouching is an amazing way also to help bring life to an image or even to create a fantasy in cases where one does composites or needs extra mood created among other things.

jacques du toit retouch-8633
jacques du toit retouch-9964
jacques du toit retouch-8375-2
jacques du toit retouch-8569-2
jacques du toit retouch-2479-2
jacques du toit retouch-0072-2
jacques du toit retouch-0175-2