Architecture, Interior and Real Estate Retouching

Before and After Architecture, Interior and Real Estate Samples:

Photography and retouching work hand in hand, especially in regards to needing images to look professional or having an eye catching image. 

With retouching it isn’t about making surreal expectations as much as showing a vision or making something stand out. There are times that certain things can not be captured correctly in camera and post processing is then needed to help fix this. One example being on shoots where there isn’t a budget for a photographer that either has or can rent an architectural lens (tilt / shift) then one needs to spend more time making sure vertical lines of buildings are straight. This is to not give the illusion of a building falling over and to not make an architect look bad by making it seem they couldn’t create a straight line.

There are also different processes that can be used, from natural light only to using artificial lighting. In a lot of cases this would require images to be merged together and have the best of each photo used or used as a helping hand in showing the different dynamic range. As Mike Kelley says, the eyes are a miracle, the camera is a machine. Our eyes can capture a much greater view of highlights and shadows than what cameras can and as such, using techniques from shooting styles to retouching techniques, helps one get a better feeling from images.

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