The purpose of a Headshot

Headshots are more than just a quick photo:

Headshots are photos that are meant for branding of a company or person, it is therefore far more important to have certain technical aspects correct. 


The meaning:

Psychology is also a big factor in this type of photography, as this is the message that the image gives to the client. For example, if you feel that your headshot is not an important image and you have a profile photo of you drinking with a friend or holding a glass of beer or wine glass, the subliminal message it sends to the viewer is that you may have a drinking problem.

Having a person that is unfamiliar with different lighting aspects can also leave a bad impression as shadows that may be too harsh might come off as sinister.

The headshot is meant to be a first impression image, with a story, value and impression to give off to a viewer before meeting them. The headshot is the new handshake.

It is therefore important to have a photograph that resembles what you want to say about yourself, whether you are looking for a nice and clean image or if you need an environmental portrait rather. This is something that should be thought of due to placement on your website or where you may be using your image, be it LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.


headshot photograph of steven gemperle of gsa models

Though Steven is a friendly guy, this image was taken with a bit more mood, to give a feeling of more powerful and in control, where the next image is one that is more friendly, approachable and has a much lighter atmosphere to it.

A slight change in the angle the outdoor shoot is from gives a lighter background and helps to lift the mood.

These are just a few of the pieces that one needs to look at when shooting, especially with outdoor headshots that do not have a studio background.