The Purpose of Real Estate Photography

The Purpose of Real Estate Photography:

The purpose of Real Estate Photography is far more than just trying to get a pretty picture. For a photographer and a Real Estate Agent alike, the end goal is actually promotion of the Real Estate Agent. How can this be done? The answer is by adding service and value. When you see a potential client and they want to know how do you help them sell their home, how do you answer? Do you just throw in a lot of words and hope something catches them? This is where professional photography helps you as an agent. You have a visual leverage in trying to get the client to sign up with you. This is done by showing them that you go the extra mile. You make the property look its best. You make the listing look its best. You make them feel they are your priority and they are in the best possible hands.

When you can visually show someone that you want to look after them by making them look good, it brings a level of trust that others do not bring.

If you take for example this listing, (I kept the price of the home in to give a better feel of how you can look like you lack value or add value), you will see why a professional can help you promote yourself to new sellers. 

Put yourself in the sellers shoes. If two agents came and told you that they wanted to help, which of these two would you feel meant it?

That is why the purpose of Real Estate Photography is far more than just that one listing. It is you building a brand for yourself, you offering a seller value, offering a seller a service. It is you showing the seller that you care for them and their needs.

What the purpose of Real Estate Photography is for a seller:

The purpose of Real Estate Photography for a seller is less complicated. This is for the seller to show off what they are selling but in a manner to put them ahead of what else is on offer. This is to help get more online views in turn bringing more possible foot traffic towards a property. The basics of promoting, make it look nicer than what someone else has at the same price point and it looks like a bargain. This is the end goal of Real Estate Photography for a seller. Which like mentioned is less complicated, but there is actually more to it.

Real Estate Photography. Why is it IMPORTANT?

The importance of Real Estate Photography is to do with the viewing aspect. What this means is the psychological and subliminal messages one may see or not even think of. When looking at images online of different properties, take a moment to get a feel for the images. When you start looking and feeling the images, suddenly things will start feeling a little different. Have you noticed how some homes feel like they are about to fall over or collapse. Or some homes seem to have the Tower of Pisa beat on how they can lean.

These are small things that can actually hurt the trust factor. Meaning now you only run off an emotion of a viewer. Having the emotion is good, but having the trust as well is better. 

With the emotion there is also other factors. The mood of the house. Having a home that has been shot correctly for lighting purposes can make the room feel more inviting.  Not having proper lighting can make a home look uninhabitable or that there may even be faults with the home. This is why having professional photos taken is of the utmost importance.

Not only do professional Real Estate Photos make you look good, make your client feel cared for and get more views. Professional Real Estate Photography can help promote certain aspects of the home better. Make it look as good as it should look and not have buyers wondering if they should go see it.

Real Estate Photography How To’s:


Having a professional camera body can make a huge impact on image quality. Though it can still be done on any camera body, better bodies help with better control over certain aspects. These can be things ranging from dynamic range to image sharpness. 


High end lenses cost a lot, but there is a reason for this. From edge to edge sharpness, flare control and back lighting handling. These are just some of the aspects that lenses help with, giving you better control.

Tripod and Tripod Head:

A sturdy tripod is required to reduce camera shake while taking images. Just as important is the type of tripod head a person uses. This allows one to be able to make movements to the cameras position without the camera slipping. This is why it is one of the most important pieces of gear requirements for Real Estate Photography.


Lighting at times can be one of the easier or cheaper parts of required gear. The key importance here is having the ability to take the lighting off the camera and be able to use it where needed. This is known as Off Camera Flash. An example of this would be, being able to light the room at the back entrance of a kitchen that is just in the frame of the photo. That way it looks like the home is properly lit across all areas, again leading to trust factor as it gives a better viewing experience.


This is another crucial part of Real Estate Photography. There are a lot of people that claim to be photographers that understand and know. But owning a camera does not mean one actually understands. You can be amazing at portraiture photography but then end up doing bad Real Estate Photography for not understanding certain principles. There are key things that need to be learnt and used, among them is story telling. This is a vital part of Real Estate Photography that is often overlooked by people. But how do you actually know where to shoot from? It is not actually just put the camera down and good to go, there are things one needs to look for and this is where training and learning comes in.

For any Real Estate Photography needs, you are welcome to contact me and I would be happy to help, from Real Estate Photography to training Real Estate Agents how to take better images, even with their cell phones.